Cantina Valle Isarco - Eisacktaler Kellerei

Cantina Valle Isarco is synonymous with excellent white wines from Alto Adige. Although it is the youngest winemaking cooperative in South Tyrol, built in an area traditionally dedicated to viticulture, Cantina Valle Isarco has gained great fame both in Italy and abroad for its fine white wines. The first location was established in 1961 in the historic cellar of Maso Reinthalerhof with Anton Gfader, owner and chosen as the first director by the 24 founders. After a fire the following year, the founding members transferred the winery other two times and in 1978 it was established in the current location, near Chiusa municipality. Today Cantina Valle Isarco has about 130 members coming from 11 municipalities of South Tyrol: Varna, Bressanone, Funes / Tiso, Velturno, Chiusa, Laion, Castelrotto, Villandro, Barbiano, Fié and Renon.

The production area of ​​Cantina Valle Isarco, which then extends north to Novacella / Bressanone, includes Chiusa / Sabiona and ends in the southern Isarco Valley, reaching heights from 300m to 950m with a wide variety of geological conditions and soils. The cultivation of terraced vineyards requires constant dedication throughout the year and in many cases requires only manual intervention. This is why the spirit of every viticulture family is strongly linked to its own vineyard.
According to the different mineralogical characteristics of the soils, different types of grapes are planted: in the northern part of the valley there are mainly Müller Thurgau, Kerner and Riesling, in the central part of the valley are instead Sylvaner, Ruländer, Gewürztraminer and Veltliner and finally to the south Sauvignon, Chardonnay, Pinot bianco, Pinot nero and Schiava.

The wines of Cantina Valle Isarco reach the highest quality standards thanks to their regional typical characteristics and careful vinification and they represent the pride of their winemakers, being authentic ambassadors of Isarco Valley's enological excellence. Many wines of the "flagship" lines such as Aristos, Sabiona and Nectaris have already earned prestigious awards thanks to their exceptional qualities.