Campi Valerio

Since 1974 Valerio winery produces fine wines with great character. On the estate, that belonged to Prince Pignatelli, through the recovery of small local viticulture, the family combines their passion for agriculture to the love for their land, resulting in a wine production that aims at enhancing the native grapes of Sannio Pentro (Molise). The company stands out also for being the first to produce though Classic Method in its own territory, as the only producer of wine Pentro.
The attention given to the ancient vineyards and the area, which was once known by reputation for its vineyards and wines, becomes the incentive animating this group, which will give rise to the recovery of the area of ​​Macchia d’Isernia and the production of wines that are an act of gratitude for the history of this place.
The winery is located in the province of Isernia, in the upper valley of Volturno, territory is characterized by small plots of land, protected by high mountains and gentle slopes. A place where they produce extraordinarily pure wines with strong taste, lively and rich fruity, that presents a land yet to be discovered.
High temperature changes favour the growing of wines with intense aromas: here Pentri and Romans, followed by the history of prince Pignatelli and today the Valerio’s family, produce wine in the sign of a true agricultural vocation.

The intention is to enhance the native grapes of this region, such as Tintilia, but also Montepulciano, which for centuries is grown on these hills, and Falanghina, as it is an integral part of the enological history, preserving ancient traditions, and emphasizing simplicity through knowledge, modern methods and technics.
Wine making is an ancient art in this land: a Roman stele proves its presence since I sec B.C.
The production starts from here: roots continue to play an important role in production philosophy, without inhibiting the desire to experiment and innovate.
From measured extension vineyards, which are acclimated in the hills from centuries, wines originates, telling a new wine project: return to territory uncompromising quality. This mission realizes thanks to balance among the more sophisticated techniques applied to the product of a territory whose real strength is the identity.