The Falesco Winery was established in Montefiascone (Lazio) in 1979 by Riccardo and Renzo Cotarella, both oenologists and deeply rooted in this territory between Lazio and Umbria regions. Renzo Cotarella is the CEO of the Antinori Group and Riccardo Cotarella is a winemaker consultant for more than 80 wineries around the world and President of the Union Internationale des Oenologues. Retrieving historical wines and isolating old clones with matchless aroma and organoleptic value, in particular Roscetto, was considered of paramount importance among the initial goals. Beside retrieving vines, we tried to spot areas with a marked viticulture vocation in which the exposure and the peculiar composition of the soils could result in very high quality products. In 1989, after many years of trials, Poggio dei Gelsi was born, a selection of EST! EST!! EST!!! that has restored honor to a territory unjustly forgotten. Starting from vintage 1998 we produce also Ferentano (100% Roscetto). Another outstanding result was achieved with a red wine. This time the selected variety was a Merlot clone. Born with the 1993 vintage, Montiano has been acclaimed since the beginning as one of the greatest and most innovative Italian red wines. Recently Falesco has enriched its assets with the acquisition of the farm Marciliano, of 260 hectares, located on a wonderful hill south of Orvieto. In the best vineyards of the farm grow up the grapes used to produce Marciliano, a Cabernet Sauvignon and Franc blend.
In 2009 we started the production of Tellus Syrah, a wine that immediately penetrates the market, and Trentanni, a red wine dedicated to the 30th Anniversary of the Company, starting from 2011 Falesco produced a new white wine, Soente, born from the meeting of Viognier vines with the experimental ones.
Passion for viticulture and strong sense of belonging to the land of origin has been pushing us for over thirty years to enhance our wine heritage and to produce high quality wines .

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