Arzenton company was founded in 1968, with the accomodation of a hilly area to vineyards located in Bosco Romagno, between the heights of Spessa of Cividale del Friuli: thus in one of the places most suited to viticulture of the DOC Colli Orientali del Friuli.
The company consists of 14 hectares of which 10 are devoted to vineyards in soils consist of alternating layers of marl and sandstone that represent the best soil for the viticulture hilly. The easy erodibility of soils marly forced to terrace the hills to protect from "consumption". These terraced hills are called "Ronchi".
The productions are extremely small, the grape harvest is strictly by hand and the grape harvest in the cassette is transferred to the cellar for processing as quickly as possible in order to preserve its integrity. From this excellent base, carefully following all the stages of processing to bottling, are obtained thus wines, white and red, of excellent quality and outstanding personality.
The owner, Maurizio Arzenton, after a period of study in Milan that led him to a degree in philosophy, has decided to take a different path of life, moving to Friuli and devoting to develop a business in the wine sector. Helping his grandfather and father, making use of their early experiences, choosing collaborators capable, has thus helped to turn a hobby into a real business reality dedicated to producing wines of excellent quality.
There has recently been added to the holding the son Matteo that hopefully, strong of his studies in oenology and vineyard management, will be able to consolidate and still improve the results obtained so far.
The wife Teresa, finally, with his degree in art history, takes part in the company taking care of the administrative aspects, the relationships with the clientele and the company's image.