Arnaldo Caprai

The history of Caprai winery began in 1971, when Arnaldo Caprai, successful textile entrepreneur, buys 45 acres in Montefalco, with the intent to follow up on his history of enterprise.
Thanks to continuous research and experimentation, we offer to the public of elegant wines, and with unique character. The colour, aroma and taste of Sagrantino will let you know the strong character and love of the people who cultivate it, the sweetness of the hills where it grows and the richness and complexity of the great heritage of Montefalco culture and tradition in centuries.
The tradition that belongs to this area has allowed Sagrantino vines (it has already signalled in 1008) to survive the centuries, a clear answer of an area that did not allow the loss of his native grape. Winning intuition of Caprai Company was precisely that to recover tradition in a modern way.

Innovation comes through continuous experimentation, both in the field of agronomy and winemaking.

In agronomy, the use of appropriate cultivation techniques, the rationalization of plant’s care and treatment, the limitation of nitrogen fertilizers, genetic enhancement with the search for new clones and the study of the best environmental conditions for vine cultivation, represent the main way to get high quality grapes for Sagrantino and, in general, for other grapes grown on the farm.

In wine-making field, we try to interpret the characteristics of different grapes, especially the huge heritage of polyphenols which Sagrantino is rich, and it is right the 1993 selection of Sagrantino di Montefalco that inserts the company among the great Italian wine producers.

Montefalco territory is the element that interprets the identity in the best way; it is the basis to constantly raise the standards of quality production. In this perspective, we never stop to study the character and to seek its potential, which is gradually identified and transformed into process of innovation and product.
The constant and meticulous work in favour of quality, the research and testing of new agricultural techniques and winemaking, the spread of the culture and tradition of our territory is the goal that we still pursue with great zeal.
The improvement of the economic and social sustainability becomes the commitment of the company, which is leader of a project about regional sustainability since 2008.

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