Vinitaly Wine Club interviews Villa Sandi

Vinitaly Wine Club interviews the Venetian winery Villa Sandi. We invite Mr. Giancarlo Moretti Polegato, chairman and owner of Villa Sandi, to speak about his winery,

Vinitaly Wine Club interviews the Venetian winery Villa Sandi.
Located in Crocetta del Montello (TV), based in a historic Palladian villa built in 1622 and surrounded by vineyards of Prosecco di Valdobbiadene and the slopes of Montello, Villa Sandi is one of the main wineries in the Prosecco area, present in 90 countries all over the world with Prosecco Valdobbiadene Superiore DOC and DOCG wines, but also with red and Premium wines, such as the Metodo Classico "Opere Trevigiane" sparkling wine. The Moretti Polegato family, winery's owner, is representative of wine culture in the area and throughout Italy since generations, promoting not only their own wine production, but also the great artistic and cultural heritage of the Villa, involving their guests and visitors in events and tours to promote the enjoyment of wine together with love for art.
We invite Mr. Giancarlo Moretti Polegato, chairman and owner of Villa Sandi, to speak about his winery, answering our 10 questions:

1. What made you decide to produce wine?
That of my family is a story of generations in the wine world.
From an early age I followed my father into the cellar and my earliest memories are linked to the images of harvest and its scents. Therefore, it was natural to continue the family business, which over the decades has grown to be the first to export in the area of ​​Prosecco.

2. Why should a wine lover choose to taste your wine and what are the unique features that distinguish your products?
They should choose our wines because they are the result of expertise of our love and respect for the land, but also of constant attention to research and innovation, as well as scientific and technological progress.
Our vineyards have just been certified as "Biodiversity friend" by the World Biodiversity Association. Also a part of the vineyards of our wine members are already certified, while others will be gradually. It is good practice in the management of vineyards and respectful of eco-system, to protect grapes' quality together with the environment.

3. Confide to the community of our wine lovers what are the emotions that your vineyard convey?
On the hill of Cartizze Cru of Valdobbiadene Superiore is our vineyard for excellence. Steep slopes, sometimes inaccessible, where only the tenacity and passion make possible cultivation. All by hand, of course. Surrounded by a natural amphitheater of hills with vineyards cared like gardens and where human intervention is almost imperceptible, there is a strong sense belonging, of being part of a territory and the need to preserve it. In this vineyard we grow the grapes for our Cartizze "Vigna La Rivetta", award-winning sparkling wine with Tre Bicchieri Gambero Rosso award.

4. If you had to explain to someone who does not know your production, your style, how would you define your wines?
Our vineyards spanning all denominations of Prosecco, from the hill of Cartizze vineyards in Valdobbiadene, Asolo DOCG, to the wider area of ​​Prosecco DOC, but also include the vineyards on the slopes of Montello where we grow grapes for our premium red and white. Our territorial identity is thus well defined. Whether we speak of Prosecco, we devote care and attention daily, to be able to ensure freshness, fragrance and features floral and fruity notes. For example, our Prosecco DOC "Il Fresco" is for 11 years the "Prosecco of the Year" in Germany, according to the main head of the field.
But Villa Sandi is not only Prosecco. The underground cellars of Villa Sandi host the barriques for the aging of red wines, as "Corpore", produced in collaboration with Riccardo Cotarella, while a suggestive underground than a kilometer and a half is where the mature Traditional Method "Opere Trevigiane", an elegant and refined sparkling wine, part of our history and of our production from the beginning. And to continue with the territorial identity, Raboso and Incrocio Manzoni Bianco native grapes, that have been rediscovered in recent decades, are achieving increasingly favors.

5. What is the wine that best represents your winery?
For each winery of the Prosecco area, Cartizze is the quintessence of the values ​​and characteristics of the area. Our flagship wine is Cartizze "Vigna La Rivetta", that we chose to produce in an innovative and unusual than the classic dry brut tradition.

6. Satisfy our curiosity: where the winemakers get their inspiration to create a new wine?
We are lucky to have vineyards in several areas. In particular, the vineyards on the slopes of Montello, characterized by red earth, were the inspiration to start thinking, over twenty years ago, about important reds. From this was born in 2001 "Corpore" wine.
Even the birth of a new DOC is a starting point and an interesting challenge. We have a long tradition in the production of classic method sparkling wine and when the Veneto Region has started the new Serenissima DOC - Venetian Traditional Method - we immediately hailed this new project. And at Vinitaly 2015 we presented the first "Metodo Classico Serenissima DOC", our "Opere Serenissima" wine.

7. How was the final harvest?
One of the best in recent times. Extraordinary for quality and quantity.

8. What dishes of your area would best match your wines?
Prosecco goes well with first courses; it is perfect with wild herbs risotto. Our "Filio" red wine (Bordeaux blend) combined perfectly with the spit, a traditional dish of the festival in the Venetian countryside. Or a Traditional Method rosé wine with pumpkin ravioli. I could cite many combinations because many I have tried in our restaurant Locanda Sandi in Valdobbiadene, that presetns the regional cuisine and all of our wines, in the atmosphere of the country inns of yore.

9. If our wine lovers want to organize a weekend in your area, would you recommend us some unique and exclusive destinations, which is worth a visit (in addition to your winery, of course)?
Our area was known as the "Garden of Venice", the place where the Venetian nobility owned large estates and of course their country houses, the Venetian villas, that everyone knows. Villa Sandi is one of them, I speak just as the "villa" building. It's the liaison between the splendor of Venice and its countryside. History, architecture, and art, together with wine in a single experience..
At 20 minutes from Villa Sandi, has not to be missed the suggestion of Asolo, very small medieval town of a hundred horizons, a masterpiece enclosed in ancient walls.

10. Finally, Mr. Moretti Polegato, we really have to ask you: what wine do you drink at home?
Prosecco is indispensable for its lightness and freshness. If I do not drink our red wines, I have a fondness for Tuscan reds.