Crossroads of races, spiritual influences and memories of ancestral traditions.

Sicily has always been a land of conquest, a place in which different cultures and people mingled and joined together (from Greeks to Romans, Arabs, Normans, Spaniards), leaving indelible marks of their influences from which originated the varied and multifaceted Sicilian culture.
The mythological tapestry weaved by different races, which crossed these lands scorched by the sun and here get together, is seamless. Like the weave perfection of a valuable lace, so also the Sicily of Agrigento is land of inextricable crossroads of rituals, traditions, theologies and ritualistic dramas that relive in the epic flavours of Baglio del Cristo di Campobello.
The Sicilian Veils are an ancestral heritage of Arab culture, joined the Sicilian tradition, characterizing its customs. At one time, all Sicilian women covered their heads with these impalpable lace veils whenever left their house, especially in places of religious worship. Even today there are old Sicilian women who preserve the habit of covering their head with a veil, such as religious instinct, fundamental characteristics of the Sicilian tradition, passed down through time, from generation to generation.
The idea of ​​bringing these lace veils in C'D'C’ Cristo di Campobello label line graphics is born finding in an old family trunk of these beautiful veils belonged to Bonetta’s grandmothers, owners of the winery. Hence, the desire to relive and show to the world a part of Sicilian history and culture, dripped with tradition and spirituality.

"The Sicilian Veil is hidden knowledge, a secret, creation, protection, revelation, illumination. Unveiled Sicily".

People of Sicily, Sicilian-ness, cultivated with bottled in C'D'C’ Cristo di Campobello collection.

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