The colour of rosé wine: nuances that make the difference

The colour of rosé wine is literally the wine itself. And the shades of this colour are manifold. Surely you have heard about "pale pink", "deep pink" to denote rosé of a certain intensity, as well as to identify two particular types of wines in the world of Italian rosé, but, actually, these wines show a wide range of pink shades, ranging from onion skin to coral pink, passing trough the peach pink. The colour difference depends on the geographical origin.
The "pale pink" usually found in northern areas, while southern areas, the trend is more pronounced. Moreover, the contact between skins and must, in terms of time, temperature, mechanical action of processing and grape variety, makes great difference. There are some grapes more prone much more to scents instead of quality of colouring substances. The French, also in this field, teach us so much, so that they have identified several systems of analysis in order to quantify and describe the colour in a sensory way. To accurately express this colourful diversity, which is crucial for the sensory analysis, colour palettes have been created with various shades of pink identified over the years and based on studies of thousands of wines.
The tone changes with time and also the action of light and oxygen have an important influence. And that’s valid for all wines. Each rosé will tend to shade based on the starting colour. Just imagine the difference between a "mango pink " and "cherry pink" and all the possible variations. For those who taste wines, the limit in rosé description is often is just that, the colour definition.

For the Italian wine tasters everything is solved with:

  • pale pink
  • cherry
  • onion skin
  • rose petal

For the French, the way they see the rosè wine colour is summarized as follows:

  • onion skin
  • brick-red
  • raspberry
  • flesh
  • peach
  • melon
  • apricot
  • mandarin
  • mango
  • rosewood
  • salmon
  • pink marble
  • coral

Subtle difference.

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