Vinitaly Wine Club has decided to make you a beautiful gift to celebrate Christmas and the New Year together.


Super Tuscan... legend or reality? "Super Tuscan" wines are neither legend nor reality, but a pleasant Italian enoic truth.


In partnership with Duca di Salaparuta and Cantine Florio, we decide to offer all our wine lovers the opportunity to win a fantastic visit and wine-tasting in the ancient winery of Marsala Florio.


The charm of bubbles begins already in cellar. It’s an art, that of sparkling wine.


The official name is VINO - Vinitaly Wine Club but everyone knows it as VINO: the App dedicated to the world of Italian wine.


Vinitaly Wine Club interviews the Venetian winery Villa Sandi. We invite Mr. Giancarlo Moretti Polegato, chairman and owner of Villa Sandi, to speak about his winery,


Vermentino is a surprisingly eclectic grape variety. It grows in Liguria, Tuscany, Corsica and even in Spain and it's rich in taste and olfactory impressions, as well as versatile on the table. In short: an excellent companion of for the everyday table.


Are you looking for the perfect Gift for Christmas? Wine is exactly what you're searching for.


The two typical Formaggio di Fossa that boast of this name are: Sogliano’s Formaggio di Fossa, considered the most traditional one, and the most recent of Talamello.


As I put my glass back down on the table, my nostrils are filled with heady and ripe aromas and my mind overcome by amazing sensations: the Brunello.


The history of Amarone is closely tied to that of Recioto and the ancient Romans. The Romans were the first to understand the real potential of this land for making wine.


Risotto is a classic dish of Italian cuisine. With squash and mushrooms, it's an explosion of flavours, a true ode to these vegetables, the queens of the fall season.


Assaggiamo il “Liano” 2012 dell’azienda “Umberto Cesari”. Un’azienda che non ha bisogno di presentazioni, come tanto meno il vino che, come molti di voi appassionati sapranno, altro non fa che mietere premi a livello internazionale.


Today our experts have decided to open a bottle of the Cave du Vin Blanc Winery, selecting and tasting the 2014 "Blanc de Morgex and de la Salle" white wine, made from grapes Prié blanc - Blanc de Morgex biotypes.


The colour of rosé wine is literally the wine itself. And the shades of this colour are manifold.


Friday May 29th, from 6:00pm to 9:00pm, the Italian Wine Pavilion at Expo2015, VINO A Taste of Italy, will be launching a new initiative, "VINO i


Sicily has always been a land of conquest, a place in which different cultures and people mingled and joined together (from Greeks to Romans, Arabs, Normans, Spaniards), leaving indelible marks of their influences from which originated the varied and multifaceted Sicilian culture.


Two years after the start of Vinitaly Wine Club project, we decided to renew our digital platform dedicated to Italian wine.


Traveling the roads of Sardinia, the eye gets lost in the excitement of a thrilling sight. The charm of this island is hypnotic. The hills, the vastness of the sea, greenery and smells exert a unique fascination. In Sardinia, the air smells of herbs, sea, mixtures of spices and precious flowers.


We moved to Latium, the Italian region that does not benefit, in general, from consumers’ attention, except for experts or for locals who know the production of their territory. That’s why wines produced in Latium have a large domestic consumption.


The "Cerasuolo di Vittoria Classico Dorilli" is a DOCG wine (Denominazione di Origine Controllata e Garantita in Italian), produced by Planeta Sicilian winery.


This week we present you with a rather unusual recipe.


According to many lovers of the "spicy thrill", the origins of the spicy cuisine are linked to that called "Texicana". If this story were true, it would be a cuisine dated back to ancient times. Precisely in 1540, when a captain of the Spanish army decided to seek the legendary "El Dorado".


It seems trivial, and perhaps for many it is, but it’s equally true that you often meet people in big trouble when opening a bottle of wine. And maybe that is the reason why you see more and more videos that explain how to open bottles in various ways and without corkscrew.