In partnership with Vinitaly and Ente Autonomo per le Fiere di Verona, Vinitaly Wine Club is leader in the world of Italian wine. Developing direct collaborations with the most famous Italian wineries and new emerging producers, we offer you the opportunity to discover and purchase wines which has been carefully selected from the best Italian wine makers, through the whole peninsula.

Vinitaly Wine Club is not just a wine club, but also a new way to explore the world of Italian wine. Discover the richness of details, the story and appreciate its taste, buying a bottle of wine that perfectly suits your needs, through a truly unique shopping experience.

Thanks to highly professional service and an internal structure dedicated to web management, wine selection, customer service, logistics and storage of the product, we are able to ensure high quality service, guiding you from wine discovery to your purchase, and even after sales, in order to help you to perfectly taste you wines.


11 people, 1 team. Vinitaly Wine Club is first of all love and passion for great Italian wine. This means exploring the world of wine that characterizes our beautiful country, in order to understand what it tells us and to choose the bottle perfect for every occasion. Moreover, Vinitaly Wine Club is a smart approach linked to Web, because Vinitaly Wine Club is also Consulting: strong experience and expertise of the Digital word, associated with the world of wine.

Timothy O'Connell

Alessandro Olivieri

Steve Kim

Mattia Giorgi

Elena Capellini

Giulia Bertozzi

Vanessa Proti

Pietro Magnani

Andrea Erriu

Fabio Magnani

Thomas Bandini